Too Far

A promise that was sworn,

On a day love meant to torn,

Left to cry, left to mourn,

For the necklace never worn…


Was it really love at that first glance

To me, of that, there was no chance.

To be more precise, its love at every visit

A feeling so real, it’s truly exquisite. 


Cold gentle breeze, here you come,

Reminisce sadness, and smiles for some,

Warmth awaits for love that stays,

And tears for lonely rainy days…


Your touch, your smell, the chill I feel,

Wondrin’ if you’d ever be back for real,

With a soft gentle wind you had gone,

In my heart remains, the kindness you’ve done…

An Ordinary Day

It’ll be a day, like any other day, a day like this one,

Where noisy streets would give cradle to this mind,

It’ll be this feeling, that I had always felt inside,

That would label love as dumb and blind…

Just as I thought

Its going to be a fucked up week…


I would, and will, again and again,

Even after each, I would be alone,

Addicted to this, I can’t explain,

Be near you, my heart is at home.. 

Wrist Watch and Tissues

A thrust, behind the silence, a painful cry,

Frozen, unable, as I bleed to die,

You turned and said, you were not mine,

I stood and wait, for the sun that wouldn’t shine…

Long Distance (1)

Were we giants with humongous feet
You would feel less out of reach
One step would cover all the land
One step would lead me where you stand

(For Neena, By Leo)


I’ve felt pain, and fear, and sadness,

Moved forward with fast paced regression,

All of these things has made me who I am,

But til now, waiting for your undivided attention…

On Its Peak

Push away a fragile heart,

On a cloudless sky, in a sunny day,

Hurt, I stand and realize,

It had always been this way…

Silence of Clouds

These silence of clouds, thunder roars inside,

Waiting to be heard, in our hearts it hides,

Felt within, shouting with flare,

Of unspoken words, to say none would dare…

As We Grow

Hopes give us courage to push through life’s dark days,

Love is the reward to those who wait, those who pray,

Respect we earn with kindness we show,

All these things we acquire as we grow..

Fly Together Die Together

The sky parted just for you
On the day your airplane flew
A sudden drop of altitude
Oh how I wish they took me too